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commercial digital photo printer: fotoprint plus ™

commercial digital photo printer: fotoprint plus ™

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Fotoprint Plus ™ Commercial Digital Photo Printer

FP5000 Plus ™: Cost-effective RA-4 commercial digital photo printer

The FP5000 Plus ™ by Thomas Electronics is the least expensive RA-4 digital photo printer available. Utilizing Thomas Electronics' patented Fiber Optic Imaging ™ Exposure system and redesigned paper processor, the FP5000 Plus ™ will produce high-quality digital photo prints from 4"x6" up to 12"x18" with a resolution of 300dpi or factory available option of 500dpi. Every single unit within a package, no matter the size, will have the same resolution and uniform density.

Easy-to-use proven technology
Using conventional RA-4 chemistry and industry-accepted color RA-4 photographic paper in roll lengths up to 275', the FP5000 Plus ™ provides easy use with its internal chemistry management system. The integrated workstation handles initial set-up and maintenance, with simple, on-screen explanations.

Seamless connectivity with standard applications
Like all new Thomas Electronics digital printers, the FP5000 Plus ™ is designed around a Pentium-based architecture and Ethernet connectivity. The provided CREW system not only acts as an intuitive machine interface, but also allows for seamless use with existing imaging applications. The CREW system accepts standard file formats through direct printer drivers or the CREW Hot Folder Client. This system is ideally suited for scalability; whether it is an additional printer, or any of the other Thomas Electronic digital printers.

A great all-around digital output device
Using the included Aver Suite of imaging software or your existing system, the FP5000 Plus ™ is the perfect devise for the digital printing of Weddings, Seniors, school composites and service items, sports, traditional package printing and any custom graphic jobs.

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