Thomas Electronics

Thomas Electronics

Thomas Electronics has produced products for the Electronic Display and Imaging market since 1948.

Our product profile includes Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), High Voltage Power Supplies, LCD Backlights, LCD Ruggedized Display, Electromagnetic Components, Deflection Coils and Monitors.

We offer a competitive price advantage through vertical integration, product experience and continuous production. Our multiple State of the Art manufacturing sites are staffed with engineers and technicians with many years of experience.

To support your product, our focus for the past several years has been on obsolescence issues surrounding our main product line of CRT’s. Through our extensive negotiations with vendors, the qualification of new suppliers, the acquisition of key businesses and the vertical integration of critical processes, we have positioned ourselves to be able to offer our CRTs going forward with no plans for obsolescence. We are your obsolescence solution.

Thomas Electronics welcomes your questions about our products and look forward to working with you. Please contact us today.

Products and Services

Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT Assembly) High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS)
Ruggedized & Avionics Display / LCD Backlight Deflection Coils & Focus Coils

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Thomas Electronics
The demise of the Special Purpose Cathode Ray Tube is a myth. The CRT is alive and well at Thomas Electronics!
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