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Thomas Electronics' focus is obsolescence issues surrounding our main product line of CRTs.

We continue to conduct extensive negotiations with vendors, qualify new suppliers, acquire key businesses, & vertically integrate critical processes.

Through these efforts, we have positioned ourselves to be able to offer our CRTs going forward with no plans for discontinuance. We are your obsolescence solution.

Research & Development

Thomas Electronics has provided Research & Development for a number of diverse areas including CRT displays, LCD, and deflection components. Our R&D programs have encompassed the following:

  • Novel electron gun structures
  • Fast phosphors for Telecine Applications
  • Coatings for targets
  • Fast deflection components for high frequency scanning
  • Flat Lamp development
  • Photographic Exposure Devices
  • Digital Beam Control
  • Ceramic funnel materials for low profile CRT envelopes

Research & Development

Electromagnetic Design & Manufacturing

Electromagnetic Design

Thomas Electronics has acquired the CRT magnetic coil assets of Syntronic Instruments and Thomson Genlis S.A. We now offer a full range of electromagnetic design & manufacturing services, from initial design & prototyping to manufacturing & comprehensive testing. We can customize our process & our products at every step to ensure full compatibility with your unique specifications.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality & look forward to providing all products & services traditionally offered by Syntronic Instruments and Thomson Genlis S.A., including convergence correction magnets & coils, electromagnetic & permanent magnet astigmators, focus coils, & more.

Read about our core manufacturing products:

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Environmental Testing

Thomas Electronics can offer full in-house environmental testing, including:

  • Vibration, sine & random
  • Temperature cycling Altitude
  • Temperature / Altitude
  • Shock
  • Life Testing

Environmental Testing

Glass Working

Thomas Electronics can provide various glass working solutions for your application. These solutions can include:

Glass Working

  • Glass to metal seals
  • Reshaping of glass components
  • Reworking of existing glass envelopes to change neck diameter or neck tolerance
  • Adding fiber-optic bundles to glass face plates
  • Contact relocation
  • Novel funnel configurations, ie, dual neck sections, tapered necks

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High Vacuum Device Processing

High Vacuum Device Processing

Thomas Electronics routinely works in a high scale 10-7 torr environment. Our expertise in this area can provide you with test change design solution(s) for quick analysis of material & cathode characterization. We also offer non-glass enclosures for alternate material housings & small run test chambers to evaluate your device in a high vacuum.



  • We offer high efficiency, high capability phosphors, with narrow band green phosphors for Head Up and Head Down Applications.
  • Phosphors are spectrally matched to specific film-based applications.
  • Our UV phosphors are tuned to specific LCD designs.
  • We offer multi color, segmented screens for full color output with a single electron.
  • Phosphors can be designed for application to non-glass surfaces.

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About Thomas Electronics

About Us

Thomas Electronics has produced products for the Electronic Display & Imaging market since 1948.

Our product profile includes Cathode Ray Tubes, High Voltage Power Supplies, LCD Backlights, LCD Ruggedized Display, Electromagnetic Components, Deflection Coils, & Monitors.

We offer a competitive price advantage through vertical integration, product experience, & continuous production. Our multiple State of the Art manufacturing sites are staffed with engineers & technicians with many years of experience.

To support your product, our focus for the past several years has been on obsolescence issues surrounding our main product line of CRTs. Through our extensive negotiations with vendors, the qualification of new suppliers, the acquisition of key businesses, & the vertical integration of critical processes, we have positioned ourselves to be able to offer our CRTs going forward with no worries about obsolescence.

We are your obsolescence solution now & in the future.

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Facilities & Capabilities

Facilities and Capabilities picture

Class 10,000 Cleanroom

  • Continuous monitoring of area temperature, relative humidity, & airborne particulates
  • Real-time information available & accessible remotely

Cleanroom Manufacturing

  • Phosphor screening
  • Electron gun assembly
  • Bulb-electron gun sealing

Facilities & Capabilities (Continued)

Facilities and Capabilities picture

High Vacuum Manufacturing

  • High temperature ramp & soak
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature profiles with SpecView software
  • Continuous monitoring of vacuum
  • Automated cathode filament cycling

Intelligent Automation

  • LabVIEW: automation of CRT activation
  • Digital communication for data tracking & archiving
  • On-board PLC for cathode current regulation
  • In-process testing for cut-off & emission performance

Facilities & Capabilities (Continued)

Facilities and Capabilities picture

Process Control Software

  • Proprietary software developed by TE to monitor production processes

Modern Metrology

  • Consistent grid-to-cathode dimension and alignment of apertures measurements

Phosphor Screen Analysis

  • Camera Inspection Software, developed by Thomas Electronics, calculates blemish size, transmission, & location

Facilities & Capabilities (Continued)

Facilities and Capabilities picture

Brightness & Resolution Testing/Measurement

  • State-of-the-art equipment provides accurate & repeatable brightness & resolution measurement

ESS Capability

  • Vibration/shock simulation
  • Simulated altitude testing
  • Operational thermal exposure

Failure Analysis

  • Phosphor particle size SEM analysis
  • Phosphor thickness SEM analysis

Test Equipment Designed by Thomas Electronics

Test Equipment Design by Thomas Electronics
Test Equipment Design by Thomas Electronics
Test Equipment Design by Thomas Electronics
Test Equipment Design by Thomas Electronics