Replacement & Repair of HUD Avionics Display CRTs

The Head Up Display CRT technology developed by Thomas Electronics is trusted in commercial & military cockpits worldwide.

Why choose Thomas Electronics' Head Up Display CRT solutions?

  • Our HUD avionics CRT equipment is fully ruggedized for use in demanding environments.
  • We set CRTs to use P53 phosphor for high brightness output, long life, & better linearity over the full drive curve.
  • Our HUD avionics CRTs can be refurbished to reduce life cycle costs & can be stock items to minimize turnaround time.
  • Our products are guaranteed to match OEM fit & performance.

Head Up Display CRT solutions

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Sample Head Up CRT Replacement Parts

HUD Avionics CRT

Assembly used for avionic Head Up Display CRTs.

  • We supply phosphor screen types other than P53 upon request.
  • Cutoff is defined as visual extinction of an un-deflected spot, adjust G2 voltage.
  • HUD Avionics CRTs are measured in accordance with MIL-E-1 specifications.
  • With the tube shielded against external influences, the undeflected & focused spot will fall within a 1.5-mm radius circle concentric with the tube face center.
  • They have a writing speed of 23,000 inches/sec & a refresh of 60 HZ.

Head Up Display CRT solutions

Thomas Electronics welcomes your questions about our HUD avionics services and products. We look forward to working with you.

Decades of display system innovation and experience have led to the development of our HUD avionics CRT technology. Our CRTs put vital flight information right in the pilot's line of sight, improving situational awareness and safety. They are made to function flawlessly in the harsh environments found in both commercial and military aviation.