Air Traffic Control & CRT Radar Solutions

Thomas Electronics offers a wide variety of Air Traffic Control (ATC) & CRT Radar solutions, proven to endure in the toughest of applications.

Why Choose Thomas Electronics' Air Traffic Control & Radar solutions?

  • Our CRT’s create a high resolution, high brightness picture.
  • Bandpass filters can be laminated in place for sunlight readability.
  • We can supply different phosphor mixes of varying persistence.
  • Our products are guaranteed to match OEM fit & performance.
  • CRT Radar display replacement is available for most applications.

Head Up Display CRT solutions

Learn what our Air Traffic Control & Radar solutions can do for you.

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Sample Radar CRT Replacement Parts

Air Traffic Control Radar Screens: CRT Assembly

High resolution, 16" diameter, magnetic deflection components & electromagnetic
focus CRTs designed for radar; found in air traffic control
applications & similar radar display applications.

  • We supply phosphor screen types other than P53 upon request.
  • Cutoff is defined as visual extinction of an un-deflected, focused spot.
  • Line width is measured at the tube face.
  • With the tube shielded against external influences, the un-deflected & focused spot will fall within 0.350 inches radius circle concentric with the tube face center.

Air Traffic Control Radar: CRT Assembly

Portable Displays: Mini Monitor

Monochrome CRT based design containing integrated deflection coils, deflection components, & video amplifiers suitable for NTSC display, viewfinder, & portable design applications.

Portable Displays: Mini Monitor

Thomas Electronics welcomes your questions about our products and look forward to working with you.

Thomas Electronics is the place where precision and innovation come together in the field of CRT radar technology. Thomas Electronics' CRT radar systems are perfect solutions for air traffic control radar screens. Our commitment to providing top tier technology ensures that our solutions meet the specific standards in the aviation industry. Contact Thomas Electronics today to discover how our CRT radar technology can transform your air traffic control radar screens and more.