Simulation Instrument CRT Solutions

Thomas Electronics offers a wide variety of Simulation Instrument CRT solutions, proven to endure in the harshest of conditions.

Why Choose Thomas Electronics' Simulation Instrument CRT solutions?

  • We offer a replication of real-world systems for most commercial & military training simulations.
  • We can match the exact display color & display resolution of your CRT.
  • Our products are guaranteed to match OEM fit & performance.
  • We can match the feel of original platforms & minimize electronic / mechanical modifications to existing hardware.
  • Simulation CRT display replacement is available for most applications.

Head Up Display CRT solutions

Learn what our Simulation Instrument CRT solutions can do for you.

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Sample Simulation Instrument CRT Replacement Parts

Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Training: CRT Assembly

1" high resolution, magnetic deflection coils components & electrostatic
focus CRT; used in night vision simulation & night vision goggles flight training.

  • We can provide as a full assembly, with deflection coils potted in place.
  • They have a constant cathode voltage of +80 volts.
  • Each gun is measured at 150uA current at the center & defined as the width at 50% of peak line brightness.

night vision goggles

Platform Replication: CRT Assembly

Flat face, 7", rectangular, magnetic deflection, & electrostatic focus
CRT designed for platform replication for avionics simulation.

  • We ensure separation between any two blemishes must be 0.5. regardless of zone.
  • CRT disregards blemishes unless they’re forming a cluster.

Platform Replication: CRT Assembly

Projection CRT for Avionics Simulation

Thomas Electronics manufactures a wide variety of CRTs for use in simulation applications & other avionics display applications; projection CRTs can be custom-designed to your specific avionics projection application needs, incorporating the following features:

  • Front Surface Cooling Cells.
  • “C” elements integral to the Cooling Element Assembly.
  • Pre-Aligned Deflection Coils & Focus Coils.
  • Magnetic Shielding.
  • Harmonization Boards that allow the CRT to be matched to end equipment for ease of field installation.
  • The latest high-performance, high-brightness phosphors.
  • Full burn-in, pre-aging capability.
  • High-resolution Electron Gun.

Projection CRT

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Training with Our CRT Monitor Simulator Solutions

Incorporate the latest in simulation technology with Thomas Electronics' cutting-edge CRT monitor simulator solutions. Our simulators go beyond traditional training methods, providing a true-to-life experience for commercial and military applications. Immerse yourself in the realism of our CRT monitor simulator products, designed to replicate authentic scenarios and deliver a training environment that mirrors real-world conditions. Elevate your training programs to new heights with the precision and reliability of our CRT monitor simulators. Ready to transform your training simulations? Contact us for a consultation and explore the limitless possibilities our simulation instrument CRT products offer.