Repair & Replacement of CRTs of Multi-Function Displays in Aviation

The Multi-Function Display (MFD) CRT technology developed by Thomas Electronics is trusted in commercial & military cockpits worldwide.

Why trust Thomas Electronics' with the multi-function displays in your aircraft?

  • We offer MFD repair for your CRT displays that will leave you feeling secure and confident in your multi function display.
  • We offer fully ruggedized CRT assemblies.
  • Our Head Down Display solutions can be fully Mil-grade compatible.
  • We can laminate Night Vision Goggle compatible filters in place.
  • CRTs can be refurbished at the end of life, thereby reducing overall life cycle costs.
  • Our products are guaranteed to match OEM fit & performance.
  • Early Warning Radar (EWR) & Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) CRT replacement is available for most major military & commercial aircraft.

Thomas Electronics Multi-Function Display CRT solutions

Learn what our multifunction display aviation CRT solutions can do for you.

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Sample Multi-Function Flight Display CRT Replacement Parts

Multi-Function Flight Display CRT: Color

High-resolution color shadow mask assembly designed for general aviation & similar
applications; conforms to ARINC size "B" format and comes complete & aligned
deflection yoke & convergence coil.

  • Voltage values are positive with respect to Grid No. 1. Visual extinction of an undeflected, focused spot for each gun.
  • They offer a constant cathode voltage of +80 volts.
  • Each gun is measured at 150uA current at the center & defined as the width at 50% of peak line brightness.
  • They are measured using a raster of 100 x 100mm & peak current of 150uA per gun.

Multi-Function CRT Display

Mult-Function Flight Display CRT: Monochromatic

High-definition, ruggedized CRTs for low power & compact monitor head-down displays; provided with potted base & flying leads, it incorporates a bonded filter for contrast improvement.

  • We supply phosphor screen types other than P53 upon request.
  • Cutoff is defined as the visual extinction of an un-deflected spot.
  • The CRT is measured at minimum specified light output.
  • They use a 3. x 3., 200 line raster unblanked & have a refresh rate of 60 Hz (value reflects the typical requirement to achieve min. contrast ratio).
  • With an 8% contrast enhancement filter installed, they work in a 10,000 Ft-C ambient light environment.

HMulti-Function CRT Display

Thomas Electronics welcomes your questions about our solutions for multi-function displays in aircrafts. We look forward to working with you.