Ruggedized Helmet Mounted Display CRTs for the most demanding of applications.

The Helmet Mounted Display CRT technology developed by Thomas Electronics is trusted in commercial and military cockpits worldwide.

Why choose Thomas Electronics' HMD/Helmet Mounted Display CRT solutions?

  • Our Cathode Ray Tube Assemblies are fully encapsulated, with mating connectors and mounting hardware.
  • CRTs can feature fiber-optic faceplates for contrast enhancement or convex glass faceplates for image integration.
  • Our Helmet Mounted Display CRTs are high resolution displays, with line width as small as 15 microns.
  • A variety of phosphor types are available to match your specific optics.
  • All Thomas Electronics products are guaranteed to match OEM fit & performance.
  • HMD CRT replacement is available for most major military aircrafts.
Helmet Mounted Cathode Ray Tube Assembly (CRT)

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Sample Helmet Mounted Display CRT Replacement Parts

Helmet Mounted Cathode Ray Tube Assembly (CRT)

Round, helmet mounted Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) with high resolution used in avionics helmet displays; features ruggedized electron gun.

  • Measurement made with the 0.5 x 0.5 inch raster.
  • Line width measured at screen center, at half-brightness point.
Helmet Mounted Cathode Ray Tube Assembly (CRT)

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