CRT Deflection Coils (Electromagnetic Components)

Thomas Electronics Designs & Manufactures Deflection Coils

From hand-made products with unique requirements to automatic series manufacturing, winding is an original field of expertise for Thomas Electronics. We provide a variety of electromagnetic components, from simple inductors to multi-exit high voltage transformers, and we can customize to include any specific characteristic required.

Our workshop for prototyping and our cables stock (diameter from 0.05mm to 1mm, mono or multi-stalk such as Litz thread) allow us to find swift solutions without additional, costly machinery. Our skilled and experience personnel are adept at hand-making highly specialized components that adhere to strict specifications (shapes, multiple wires, etc.)

For large-scale series, we are equipped with automatic and semi-automatic winding machines. We adapt to your specific needs and  take care of the design and manufacturing of the machinery necessary to your production.

Examples of applications:

  • Diverters for cathode ray tubes
  • Electric and electromagnetic unit of focalization
  • Specific inductance
  • High voltage transformers for HVPS
  • Specific winding on demand
  • Cylindrical winding on semi-automatic machine
  • Shape winding on automatic machine
  • Head up display for avionics, cars, etc.