CRT Deflection Coils (Electromagnetic Components)

Thomas Electronics Designs & Manufactures Deflection Coils

Our CRT deflection coils produce a magnetic field that directs the electrons in a way that allows for the writing of images on the screen. In essence, it consists of a glass tube in which electrons are driven in the direction of a screen covered with a phosphor coating that, when struck by electrons, creates light. We work to manufacture and repair the highest quality CRT coils for your display.

From hand-made products with unique requirements to automatic series manufacturing, coil winding is an original field of expertise for Thomas Electronics. We provide a variety of electromagnetic components, from simple inductors to multi-exit high-voltage transformers, and we can customize them to include any specific characteristic required.

Every component is designed and built to rigorous standards by our seasoned engineers and technicians, providing maximum performance and dependability. Thomas Electronics is your go-to provider for electromagnetic components, providing high-quality, customized solutions that go above and beyond your expectations.

Our prototyping workshop and cable stock (diameter from 0.05mm to 1mm, mono or multi-stalk such as Litz thread) allow us to find swift solutions without additional, costly machinery. Our skilled and experienced personnel are adept at hand-making highly specialized components that adhere to strict specifications (shapes, multiple wires, etc.)

For large-scale series, we are equipped with automatic and semi-automatic winding machines. We adapt to your specific needs and take care of the design and manufacturing of the machinery necessary for your production.

Examples of applications:

  • Diverters for cathode ray tubes
  • Electric and electromagnetic unit of focalization
  • Specific inductance
  • High voltage transformers for HVPS
  • Specific winding on demand
  • Cylindrical winding on semi-automatic machine
  • Shape winding on automatic machine
  • Head up display for avionics, cars, etc.