High Power Voltage Supplies (HPVS)

Thomas Electronics Designs & Manufactures High Power Voltage Supplies

Our expertise ranges from common applications to highly specialized uses (high precision, double regulation, auto-controlled), from the units used in laboratories to those designed for extreme conditions (pressure, vibrations, acceleration, temperature). All modules are tested to the limits (voltage/power, altitude, temperature, etc.) before going through a 48-hour burn-in.

Features of Thomas Electronics’ HPVS:

  • Voltage range: 1 to 25 KV and more on demand
  • Voltage output per unit: up to 5
  • Accuracy: 0.01%
  • Power: up to 100W
  • Optimization of shape, volume and weight (on demand)
  • Temperature: -40 / +80°C
  • Accelerations: up to 20g in the three axes
  • Altitude: up to 15,000 meters
  • Integrated electronic control system