CRT High Voltage Power Supply Manufacturer

Thomas Electronics Designs & Manufactures High Power Voltage Supplies (HPVS)

Our expertise ranges from common applications to highly specialized uses (high precision, double regulation, auto-controlled), from the units used in laboratories to those designed for extreme conditions (pressure, vibrations, acceleration, temperature). All modules are tested to the limits (voltage/power, altitude, temperature, etc.) before going through a 48-hour burn-in.

At Thomas Electronics, we are proud of our capacity to provide tailored solutions that are designed specifically to address particular or uncommon applications. You can rely on our knowledge, thorough testing, and burn-in procedures to ensure that our electromagnetic components are designed to resist and operate dependably in any demanding environment. Trust us as your high voltage power supply manufacturer to experience the highest level of quality and performance in your electronic systems.

Features of Thomas Electronics’ CRT High Voltage Power Supply:

  • Voltage range: 1 to 25 KV and more on demand
  • Voltage output per unit: up to 5
  • Accuracy: 0.01%
  • Power: up to 100W
  • Optimization of shape, volume and weight (on demand)
  • Temperature: -40 / +80°C
  • Accelerations: up to 20g in the three axes
  • Altitude: up to 15,000 meters
  • Integrated electronic control system

Thomas Electronics is a trusted resource for CRT high voltage power supplies. As a leading name in avionics, we understand the importance of having high-quality power supplies in your CRT displays. Ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your CRT displays with our CRT power supply solutions.