2M316P43 Replacement Specifications:

Equipment Type: GVD, LAND & SEA

Usage: Ground Vehicle Display (GVD), GVD


OEM Part Number: 2M316P43

Thomas Electronics Part Number: 02M316P43

Why choose Thomas Electronics' Ground Vehicle Display (GVD), GVD solutions?

  • We can match your specifications to our current design inventory.
  • We provide fast development & prototyping.
  • Our products are guaranteed to match OEM fit & performance.
  • We offer repair & overhaul services for all CRTs & components, including new CRTs.
  • We cover military & commercial CRT applications worldwide.

Additional Info

CRT Ground Vehicle Displays are present in nearly all military vehicles, including traditional ground and armored vehicles. These are ruggedized, high-brightness, and high-resolution, designed specifically for vehicles and other rough environments.

CRTs are used for various purposes on land and at sea. Why? Because it’s the most trusted technology for military and commercial applications; all our CRTs are fully ruggedized, guaranteed to fit and perform the same as those from the original manufacturer, and are able to be refurbished to keep costs low.

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