Thomas Electronics Purchases Lexel Imaging Systems’ Product Lines

Ref: Thomas Electronics Asset Purchase from Lexel Imaging Systems

Thomas Electronics has purchased Lexel Imaging Systems’ manufacturing equipment, tooling, inventory and intellectual property for all Lexel Imaging CRTs and related electronics used in avionics, helmet, heads up, ground vehicle and radar displays, effective June 22, 2017. Thomas Electronics is now the exclusive manufacturer and worldwide distributor for these products.

Thomas Electronics is committed to the immediate and long-term support of Lexel Imaging products from Thomas’ ISO certified facilities in Clyde, NY. Thomas, Lexel Imaging, and its parent, Video Display Corporation (ticker: VIDE), are working together to assure a smooth and rapid transition in the ongoing supply and service of these products.

Thomas Electronics is the world’s largest provider of CRTs for military and industrial applications, with facilities in Clyde, NY; Addison, IL; and Genlis, France.

We are interested in the continued supply of subject item. Please advise of any requirements. Please contact:
Dennis Young

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